Who Are We?

Movement Sacramento is a health & fitness organization specializing in providing an atmosphere where you can just be yourself – something we seem to be missing these days. It’s not about fitting yourself to a mold; but about taking into account everything you are and have been, to help make your health & fitness fit you, rather than make you fit into some cookie-cutter box of what health & fitness should be.

With this approach, we spend less time trying to design programs, and more time teaching you to better individualize your training routines – both for your body and mind.

We have two main offerings: 
1) Group Personal Fitness Training (customized exercises in a group setting – fast results with less suffering than a typical bootcamp or group class).

2) Semi-Private Fitness Training (faster results in less time with only 3 people per session time).

Regardless of which you choose, big changes will happen. We’ve had members lose anywhere from 5lbs – 25lbs all in one month, but it all starts with you.

Try our classes out for 1 week, it’s on us 
AND If you bring a friend, we’ll buy you 2 more weeks. 

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