Emotions Matter part 1 by Frankie Faires

Here at Movement Sacramento, we don’t just focus on exercise and nutrition, but the psychological issues that may make your behavior inconsistent or even TOO Consistent. You know what I mean, changing your diet to follow the current trends,  finding foods you love and can’t seem to let it go, starting an exercise program only to stop 2 weeks later, or even starting an exercise only to continue the same routine for months on end.

Learning the different aspects of psychology and how that plays a HUGE role into your exercise and eating behaviors goes a long way in helping you reach your weight and fat loss goals.

  • You learn what can trigger you.
  • You learn what areas of your mind to sense for triggers.
  • Once you are aware of those triggers, you can better shift yourself that is more in line with your goals.

In this miniseries, Frankie Faires, my mentor, talks about the touchy feely stuff: Our emotions. They matter folks, I’ll let him tell you why.


For those who have known me for a while, it may surprise you to read the line, “emotions matter.” I belong to a fairly large subset of autistic people who are emotionally hyposensitive and action oriented. A subset of my friends are, too.

While talking to one of these friends, he (of course) asked me. “Frankie, why would I want to feel more?” His lack of awareness of his emotions had served him and served him well. He saw others as overly emotional...and that was to their detriment.

Some of the faces that accompany our emotions AND yes they are part of our psychology.

I’m sure you’ve felt some of these ways before.

This series is what I told him. It will help to make those of us who feel too little, feel more. But it will also help those of us who feel too much, feel just enough.

TO BE CONTINUED IN PT 2 (click here to goto Part 2 and 3)

Frankie is a co-Founder of The Movement and author of THE MOVEMENT’S BioMechanics 1, 2, 3, & BioPsychology courses. When he is not spending time with his family, he educates people online in Health / Fitness and Martial Arts. For additional info go to: www.areyouthemovement.com or www.movementmartialarts.com

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