EMOTIONS MATTER, PT 2 and PT 3 by Frankie Faires

It starts with a science lesson (as it always should). Before there were feelings, there were emotions. Before there were emotions, there were sensations. Before there were sensations, there were actions. Each came from what came before them.

When sensations came from actions, they were coupled with actions. These sensations automated the actions. When a specific something was sensed, a specific action was taken.

Emotions are specialized sensations that arose from more primitive sensations. But just like their primitive ancestors, emotions remain coupled. But what are emotions coupled to?

Just as sensations are coupled with action, emotions are part of a couple, too. But what completes the coupling with emotion?

Humans have what’s called a “triune” brain (kinda). It has three parts which represent three evolutionary stages. The oldest is considered the reptile brain (some refer to it as the lizard brain). In the middle is the paleo (mammalian) brain. At the top sits the neo(mammalian) brain.

Triun Brain, making life just a bit more complicated.

The triun brain, making it just a bit harder to do better, until you learn how.

Emotions reside in the middle. When emotions came around, something changed. No longer was behavior as simple as fight, flight, or fornicate.

Behavior became more nuanced. Emotions and new behaviors co-emerged. So behavior completes the emotional coupling. And this gives us our first clue as to why emotions matter.


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Frankie is a co-Founder of The Movement and author of THE MOVEMENT’S BioMechanics 1, 2, 3, & BioPsychology courses. When he is not spending time with his family, he educates people online in Health / Fitness and Martial Arts. For additional info go to: www.areyouthemovement.com or www.movementmartialarts.com

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