Ground Defense 101: The Mindset and Dealing with Someone Who Just Grabbed Your Wrist

What can you do when an attacker tries to grab your wrist?

Before we talk about what to do, here’s a little about me to understand what self-defense/ground-defense, is really about.

As a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you can say I know the basics of ground fighting (for most people to reach blue belt in the martial art it takes approximately 2-4 years). I know enough to have wrestled multiple men at 6′ foot and 250+ lbs to keep their weight off me and defend myself.

Even then, the ground is NOT the safest place to be, contrary to what this self-proclaimed self-defense expert says:…/

The ground allows a big ADVANTAGE. It allows the attacker the advantage of gravity, while you the victim are PINNED between the attacker and the ground.

If there’s multiple attackers, now you only have the capability to fight through it, rather than finding a way to run away SAFELY.

There’s a certain psychology you want to have when it comes to self-defense, and a certain skill set that allows you to do it.

Through this series, we’ll help you better understand the worse case scenario: getting taken to the ground, and what you want to do and think while you’re there.

Self-Defense isn’t about winning, it’s about LIVING.

This series will focus on the skills and the mindset to help you with the number 1 goal: ESCAPE.

In the above video, we look at what you can do when someone grabs your wrist with their same side hand.

The goal is finding the space between the fingers and thumb by twisting your hand and then with speed pulling your arm in by using your elbow.

Afterwards, it helps to find an angle, drag their arm, and maim their feet or knees to make sure you can run away.

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