Drew Zegura

This is THE place for individuals who want to get in shape. I’ve been working with both Darryl and Rebecca for about a year now, and they have the experience to working with people reach their weight goal.

Darryl does great private training for individuals who want to focus on certain areas of their bodies, or want to strengthen movements for certain sports. Right now, I am training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and he has helped me eliminate my bad habits.

For all those women out there who are looking for challenging workouts and want to be pushed outside of your comfort zone, Rebecca hosts great bootcamps throughout the week. She helps her clients work their weak points, and has great passion toward helping them reach their goal.

Overall, these two trainers are always looking for the best in their clients. Oh yeah, I ended up losing 70lbs while working for them and almost looked too skinny. Afterwards, Darryl helped change my program and made my partners in Jiu Jitsu class think I was on Steroids!