Darryl Lardizabal

    Darryl Lardizabal has been training for 10 years right out of highschool; and even though he learned to train very early on, he noticed 1 giant problem. Almost everyone he would see (clients that worked with him or with other notable trainers) would either get hurt from training or would already be hurt from past training even when every squat, every deadlift, every situp, was done with the best possible biomechanics you could have.

    So Darryl went on life long quest to better understand physical pain mechanisms and if there was anything he could do about it. Fast track 5 years later, and he found it. There was something you can do, but it would break every current belief system people have about the way the body works.
    What does it mean to create an exercise program?

    Why aren’t exercises themselves personalized for someone’s specific body?
    Why aren’t you able to remain on one diet for your entire life?

    Why do we have food sensitivities to foods we’ve eaten all our life?
    Why can’t we eat the same foods now, when we used to eat them all the time and not gain weight or fat?
    What mental shifts do we need to make to break our plateaus on our fitness journey?

    Now he helps clients learn the answers to those questions and more through helping them understand the Fire Triangle: What & How You Move, What & How You Behave, and What &How You Think. Through helping educate his clients on the Fire Triangle, he has helped 1000s not just lose fat, but live a free and healthy lifestyle.