Rebecca Gilbert

    Hey Everyone!

    My name is Rebecca and I am your group fit instructor.I’m a country gal with a love for the city. On a normal day, Darryl and I, are running around trying new local eateries, coffee shops, and hanging out with our beloved yellow lab – Omo. I met Darryl five years ago and that is where I started getting more into how to personalize fitness. It was more than just “Here’s your program, and you’ll be fine…” because if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be.Before working with him, I had worked with 3 other Master Trainers, who although well intentioned, had broken me – hurt my shoulders, hurt my knees, and hurt my hips. Through him, I learned to be less rigid about exercise form, and how even “safe” exercise forms were actually the culprits for my pain issues and even everyone else’s. Not only that, but by relieving my pain, my fat loss was so much easier that it just began to melt away. I had to relearn how to train again for myself and for my clients because I was shown that it wasn’t about working out harder, but working out better and personalizing for each person’s body.  Now, helping people and their individual pain concerns is an everyday thing for me and I love it.