McDonald’s Cheating the Masses or Striving for a Healthier Generation?

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McDonald’s Cheating the Masses or Striving for a Healthier Generation?

If you didn’t know, McDonald’s has recently started adding Step-It Trackers to their Happy Meals. One catch though, yes it’ll count your steps, but it might also burn you too.

McDonald’s recently had to recall approximately 29,000,000 Step-It Trackers in the US Alone because these trackers created skin irritation and burns..

I’m a big, big fan of this idea. Similar to how Pokemon GO (a virtual reality augmentation game using your smartphone that gets you to catch pokemon as you walk around anywhere and everywhere) has become a mass success because it’s made your life an actual game, I think trackers like this can do the same. With simple pedometers, aiming to hit a number and some days surpassing it creates a very easy game that allows you to quantify something like walking, but also turn it into something that you can easily improve too.

What’s the Point of Tracking?

Most trackers are beneficial, as it gets you to become more aware of what you need to be doing or what you aren’t doing.

At Movement Sacramento, we highly recommend the use of trackers. The one we like to use the most is some sort of food log that gets you tracking your food. We like our clients tracking a minimum of at least 1 week or a maximum of one month to better understand the nuances of your every day life and how you eat according to the demands placed on you and what it is doing to your weight and body fat.

Once you become more aware, our goal than is to create modifications and improvements that allow you to see future success and improve your body composition in ways you only dream of.

Even McDonald’s Is Doing Better. Hopefully it’ll stay that way…

McDonald’s will most likely be the quintessential fast food joint, but the efforts that they’ve made to make their food better, while trying to provide better options for people, are helping prove that even big businesses can create mass changes that can impact the world.

The key thing to remember is although McDonald’s has made efforts to put a healthier face to their brand, there is a time and place for it, and definitely not all the time. We teach our clients when and where McDonald’s is a viable option for food and not just the salads either.

I praise the efforts of McDonald’s to try to appeal to a healthier demographic of people, and hopefully they find something that doesn’t burn people either. 🙂

Towards Getting Better,

Darryl Lardizabal

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